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Run through


Oriental Graden Lizard locally known as Kirgatiya or girkatoyo.
Perfect camouflage,  this reptile enjoys observing everything around it. He /she blends gracefully into the surrounding granite and thorn landscape of Jawai,  Godward,  Rajasthan- India.  I have learnt how to remain still,  rock solid by observing this beautiful beast. A fly maybe hovering around,  irritating my every nerve but the idea of being in the wild is to remain still. It is not easy,  every now and then one lands up scratching and moving.


This can be avoided if we realize and practice mindfulness, hence can be achived by remembering to be in the present moment. For e.g. brushing your teeth and observing how the brush behaves in your mouth,  idea is to feel,  take charge and observe the movements of the act. Another e.g. is being conscious of your heart beat. We must be mindful and observant as many times as we can. And the wild wilderness is all about being aware of ones surrounding. 

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