Mangoli | The Scared Princess


Run through

Disappears in a flash
The perfect camouflage
We still looking to find her
Cubs no where in sight

Our heads turn 180* left and right
She sits on a small rock
Not too far away

Amused and in command
Her body oozing grace,
Spell bound;
She smells us in the air.

Stretching her muscles
She rises
Massive head
Toned body
Eight feet plus female
Mongoli, she was called

Walking towards us
She prints our very souls
With a scar on her right eye
No male stands, her way
Her power is beyond description
Her vast territory explains it all

Her eyes , intense with passion
Her walk, perfectly placed
Her tail turned up
She sniffs the wheels of the jeep

Motionless , we looked
Short breaths
Sweet mouth
And she disappears
Into the thorns

Here next glimpse is on the hill
Our heads facing where we started
She calls her cubs,
Running, they appear from the thorn bush, before us.

Mangoli, then gets them out in the open
Sits for a while looking at us
As the sun changes colour in the west horizon
Deep orange , crimson and blue
They disappear into the night.

We sat direction east, in love for ever with the wild
Waiting for the sun to rise.

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