The wild


Run through

When I go back to the wild
I will have on, in my tiny back pack
Some salt
A knife
Tricks to light

When I go back to the wild
I will have my will to survive
With love in my heart
A song on my lips
Tricks, tricks and some more tricks

Now, I am in the wild
I think nothing

I sit in the cave
I sleep under the sun

I eat bugs for lunch
Hate the taste
But love the crunch

At dusk, I see her kiss him
Like he was never there
And then, they disappear

Barking dogs, at a distance
I feel like prey

My little will to survive
Sings to me a song,
“Oh blossom wild
You are the sun
You are the tide
You are the windy night
Drop your fear here
And ride, gallop as the wind is high”.

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