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Run through

Jawai and Responsible travel authentic travel Rajasthan leopard safari and beyond


Rabari (herdsmen) , livestock and leopards on a prowl

Rajasthan in the summer is harsh and hostile nevertheless mother nature has her ways of being gentle specially to the ones who seek shelter in her arms. Jawai Bandh and the leopards of Jawai,  Rajasthan,  India, share a special love for the herdsmen or Rabari  , several other tribes like the Meena and the Grasiya of this tribal belt of Rajasthan in the Aravalli Range,  the oldest fold mountains. The leopard and man understand the importance of unity,  the need to hold each other in spiritual respect.  When a goat or cattle is taken from the local village or hamlet it is considered as an offering to the Gods. Some private people and the Government of Rajasthan pays compensation to the Herdsman whos livestock or cattle has been taken.


Our sereval years here in Jawai and the Godward belt of the Aravalli Range is all about preservation and conservation of indigenous flora and fauna. A journey,  a lifestyle,  teaching us as we speak the importance of man acting as the buffer between civilization wild and the wild wilderness. An individual and community-based effort is the need of the hour. And responsible wildlife watching,  travel for conservation and preservation is how we can help.


Collecting litter,  keeping silence,  educating ourselves and our neighbours, saving water or using less water e.g. switch off running water while brushing teeth and washing hands. Plant a tree and keep it alive by taking care of it,  feed it water and allow it to grow. Usef hemp T.P roll. Recycle,  reduce and re-use. 

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