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Vagheera or Bagheera Camp is the vision of husband and wife in partnership their two daughters and the tribes of Godwar with a passion for wildlife and conservation. Rajkumari (Princess) Padmaja of Jodhpur who is filled compassiona and courage has left the conforts of her Palace and has taking it as her duty to protect , educate and guide the people and wildlife of her states eastern frontier, the wild of Jawai and Bera. 

Born to the Royal House of Marwar, Maharaj R.K Rajendra Singh is a conservation aficionado who for 45 years done various deeds in Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand. He is a trained forest fire fighter, has been a part of several volunteer activities with the Indian Air force and has done surveys the Indian Government- the Great Indian Bustard conservation, Black buck protection, CITIES, WWF, flood effected areas, afforestation, water conservation and the list continues.  

Rani Durgeshnandini Singh is from Himachal Pradesh, she has in silence helped several woman in Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan with domestic violence and social abuse, hygiene and sanitation, birth control and volunteer education.

Baiji lal Rajkumari Padmaja and Rudhrani are following the footsteps of their great grandfather and parents, both are involved in conservation of Flora, Fauna, culture and education in Godwar, Rajasthan.

Princess Padmaja is a Taj product after completing her B.Sc honours in Business and Hotel Administration she has devoted her several years in the wilderness of Godwar Belt of the Aravalli Ranger with the Tribal folk, her compassionate nature has made her leave the luxury of Rai-Ka Bagh Palace Jodhpur and live the life of a common farmer. 

Baiji Lal Rajkumari Rudhrani Singh Rathore is a young budding Lawyer, a keen traveller and is showing interest in social upliftment and conservation.

Composed and tranquil through the day however exciting and stimulating at night; Bagheera’s Camp is the first of its kind in India that offers wild luxury and authenticity with every Roar of real adventure.

Both Rani Durgershnandini (DN) and Princess Rudhrani are also whole-hearted 'foodies' hence our meals were the highlight of Bagheera's  hospitality. Maharaj Rajendra Singh Ji will always be called by several names Data Bapji( Meaning Father or Giver) and Rajkumar Sahib Jodhpur ,a Prince he is,his cooking tells me that. Inspired by his father, every dish he cooks is with all his heart for his wife and daughters making us a fan of his Indian, and home-made recipes for both spicy and less spicy pallets. For the ones who are not into food he has secret recipes which are made for Princess Padmaja and I saw my children eat food for the first time. The Bagheera's menu is designed with love by a lover for this wife and by a father for his daughters!

Our aim is to manage Bagheera's Camp in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, providing comfort and authenticity while protecting the natural and the cultural environment with the tribal folk.


You can enjoy the wildness within the safe confines of the Camp. Our Rangers are at 24 hour security alert. 

2 Exclusive Nature Lodges and Camp

Solo Traveler Hotel, Rajasthan, India 

Solo Traveler is safe, we have two female rangers, one female security and other women workers, alongside men. A reason one must pay attention to while travelling any country. Perfect retreat, for the solo traveler travelling Rajasthan, India. We are located between Jodhpur and Udaipur, 40 hms from Ranakpur Temple. We guide you.  


Bagheera’s Camp Jungle Retreat is the ONLY property which is a community reserve  and private forest in the the Jawai Bandh Leopard Conservation Reserve Breeding Zone, with its Pvt Rock Thorn Desert acting as buffer for the Breeding Area; Surrounded with hills, Leopards, Crocodiles, Bears and other wildlife use this area for Mating & Breeding. 

We are located on a private plateau in the middle of animal movement and the view from our camp is by the most exclusive.

We encourage our guests to help keep the environment clean and practice responsible travel.

We welcome volunteers to help us in our endeavour to “Save Godwar; Save Marwar; Save wildlife”, to make Bagheera Country a Sustainable Destination.

We serve our guests Ayurvadic Food. Food cooked in ingredients (like mustard which is known to build body immunity and strength, also helps keep body warm) which help the body, mind and soul to heal.  30 minute meditation before Breakfast and after Dinner is advised to complete the process. 

Knowledge is shared about the area, culture, lifestyle and human – animal conflict.

Empowering the local and native communitieswe do this by creating job availability and training programmes for the people of Godwad. A part of Save Godwar; Save Marwar; Save wilLife.

We have adopted 2 villages and have approx 12 kms under us. a Team of 5 people (4 locals) working on this area.

Our Safaris are special, as we do it the old school way! Jodhpur Hunting Style Camping Safarisan experience of authentic camping, where you will be a part of lighting campfire, making BBQ and several other skills, passed down by 'father to son'


Aim :

We At Bagheera’s Camp and Farm- Sustain, Protect, Conserve and try maintaining a fine Balance between a great holiday, healthy environment and a successful business in the Godwar belt of the Ancient Aravalli Range Rajasthan India .


There are no fences or barriers segregating the camp for its environment. Your camp is pitched in the middle of 3 big granite rocks protecting you from the harsh strong North Winds. In front of your camp is a playground where one can play volley ball and badminton or walk on mud, bare feet along our bamboo plantation

Blue bulls & Chinkaras enjoy a quick drink at the water hole. Jackals, Sloth Bear, Wolves and even the Leopard are known to occasionally drop by

This is a completely “into the wild”; Jodhpur Hunting Style Camping Safaris, an old school experience of authentic camping, where you will be a part of lighting campfire, making BBQ and several other skills. An opportunity to come closer to yourself and you’re loved once.

“Nature walks are the best way to find the secrets of Godwar, patience and attentions are the tools.” The private Rock Thorn Desert in Godwar, offers us over 200 species of domestic and migratory birds like Bar-Headed Geese, Siberian Cranes, Grey Lag Goose; Black-necked & Demoiselle Crane; Spot-billed Duck, Pintail & Tufted Duck; Egrets, Greater Flamingo, Grey Heron, Stork-billed & White-Throated Kingfisher; Green Bee Eater, Asian Brown Flycatcher; Indian Grey Hornbill, Greater & Barn Owl, Golden & Black Eagle, Brahminy Kite, Shikara, Falcon; Jungle, Rock and Bush Quail; Black, Painted and Grey Partridge...

Reptiles such as The Magar Crocodile, python, sand boa, wiper, cobras, rat snakes, tortoise and tall grass

Bera Rajasthan Leopard Safari Leopard Photography Tour / Tribal and Village Cultural Photography Tour

We offer exclusive and value added services, to wildlife photographers

Bagheera Camp is a Save Godwad Revolution started by H.H Umaid Singh Bahadur of Marwar by building the JAWAI BANDH (dam) with the people of Godwar. What we offer you is the most exclusive holiday, where you are wrapped in the flavors of nature, wild culture and a perfect harmony of animal and man. you will see how the local people are motived to Save their land and the wildlife. Women are the driving force and men act as our backbone. Godwad Rangers, are a team of Men and Women who have pledged to Save this land of Godwad, Rajasthan. 

At Bagheera's Camp you will experience Raw; Authenticity, Quality, Healthy Environment and a Great holiday!'' responsibletravel recommends Bagheera


The Call from The Wild

''We the people of Godward (godwar) have taken an  initiative to SAVE GODWAR the last Green Western Frontier of India. We are the GODWAR RANGERS. Join us in our journey to make a sustainable destination. 

Everybody knew Bagheera, and nobody dared to cross his path; for he was as cunning as Tabaqui, as bold as the wild buffalo, and as reckless as the wounded elephant. But he had a voice as soft as wild honey dripping from a tree, and a skin softer than down.

—Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Book



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Jawai Bandh, Bera Rajasthan Leopard Safari Leopard Photography Tour / Tribal and Village Cultural Photography Tour

We offer exclusive and value added services, to wildlife photographers